I am so excited and honored to be President of AEPhi this year and to lead our sisterhood into a new sense of normalcy! Together, we will further our bonds as a community through programming, philanthropy, and scholarship - amongst other things. I can’t wait to make new memories with our sisterhood this year!

Tori S.

Since there's not a lot I love more than organizing and smooth operations, I'm so excited to bring that energy to this position! I'm beyond excited for all the fun antics we'll get up to this year and I can't wait to help this organization run smoothly along the way!

VP of Operations
Gabi J.
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AEPhi has introduced me to some of my favorite people and I am so excited to be working alongside so many of them this school year! I have so much love for this sorority, and can’t wait to give back to my sisters by redefining standards and incorporating the positive aspects of it into our chapter.

VP of Standards
Amanda D.

I am excited to help uphold and support my sisters with our great academic achievement and success we have in our chapter. I want to be a resource as we navigate our way back to in person classes after overcoming a challenging year. I am looking forward to learning with my sisters and having a great year!

VP of Scholarship
Bellamy S.

I could not be more excited to be VP of Programming this year for our chapter. Now that we are finally back to in-person events I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces and for some serious sister love <3

VP of Programming
Laney B.

I am so honored to be this year’s VP of Finance! I am looking forward to working with all of my sisters in person again, as well as hosting in person fundraisers! Last year was a challenge for us all, but I cannot wait to see what this wonderful year has in store for us! 

VP of Finance
Lucy S.

I am thrilled to be the VP of Philanthropy this year! Coming back together in person (finally!!!) to make a difference within the community is so exciting and incredibly rewarding. 

VP of Philanthropy
Emily K.

I’m am so excited to bring the sorority back together in-person for a super fun recruitment. I love when we all come together and welcome new people into the sisterhood and I’m honored to put on the events to do so! 

VP of Recruitment
Caroline M.

AEPhi has opened many doors for me and I can’t wait to open those doors for others. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to create a fun and meaningful process for both the New Members and my sisters.

VP of New Member Education
Tess G.

I’m so excited to be NME, I know how important this position is and how a good NME team profoundly changes New Members' experience. I want to aid in building the connections that make our chapter truly a family, and help the NM’s to become great additions to our chapter. My hope is to foster an environment where the NM’s feel comfortable reaching out to the NME team. I am so excited for the Kappas to join our sisterhood!!

VP of New Member Education
Sarah R.

AEPhi has been an unexpected blessing in my life and so it’s an incredible honor to serve as VP of Ribbons on the Runway this year. I’m excited to work together with an amazing group of women to revive our fundraiser and create even more wonderful memories with my sisters!

VP of Ribbons on the Runway
Claire K.
A Note From the President

Welcome to the website of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi here at Emerson College! I’m so honored to present to you our sisters, our goals, and every exciting event in between! I could not be more proud of our beautiful sisterhood, and I encourage you to look around the site and see the strong bonds we have built as you learn more about our chapter. 
Emerson College, located in the heart of Boston, MA is home to our chapter, currently with 52 members. Our organization, Alpha Epsilon Phi, was founded on October 24th, 1909 at Barnard College, by a group of driven young Jewish women looking for a place to call home. Over 100 years later, there are chapters all over the United States and Canada; including 5 others in Boston that we love! I could not be more grateful to be leading our chapter this year, as we transition back into a new sense of normalcy. Our group is made up of confident and kind sisters from all across the country and beyond. At Emerson College and within Beta Alpha chapter we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment, for open minded and creative individuals to thrive in. 
Our sisters work hard at everything they do. From achieving the Dean's List semester after semester, to being student leaders in a wide variety of organizations on campus, we are always there to lend a hand and encourage each other. Before joining this sisterhood, I knew there would be opportunities for direct professional growth; however, I am blown away by the indirect personal growth and community engaged work I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of during the past three years. Last year we raised almost $6,000 for our philanthropy Sharsheret, at our annual fashion show philanthropy event, Ribbons On the Runway. Through a redesigned social media campaign, sisters were able to connect with Boston based businesses, select clothing, market the vision, and host a year-long virtual fashion show through relying on each other and working as a team. Despite the challenge of a virtual runway campaign, as opposed to a typical one day in-person fashion show, we were still extremely successful in our endeavor. Our chapter founded Ribbons On the Runway 18 years ago, and continues to thrive looking forward to raising funds and awareness together with our Boston community each year. 
Whether you’re looking to get involved in the community, make lifelong friends, or create strong networking and leadership skills, I encourage you to come out for our chapter. Each day I find myself more and more astonished by my sisters achievements: scholastically, professionally, and within the community. We take the core values of what it means to be a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi very seriously, and we hope you will learn how these values have helped us to build and achieve our goals. Our motto, “Many Hearts, One Purpose” is evident on campus and beyond, in life long friendships and sisterhood wherever life takes us!




Tori Sci


Beta Alpha Chapter President